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MENA market

We operate within the MENA market, delivering tailored healthcare solutions to meet diverse needs and enhance community well-being.


As your partner, we deliver tailored healthcare solutions, ensuring diverse needs are met and community well-being is enhanced.


Our products deliver tailored healthcare solutions, addressing diverse needs and enhancing community well-being.


Our solutions cater to diverse healthcare needs, enhancing community well-being through tailored approaches and innovative strategies.

About Major Healthcare

A specialty healthcare leader

Established in 2008, Major Healthcare is a unique specialty healthcare company focused on providing high quality essential, effective, and affordable Products, Solution and Services to people living in the Middle East and North Africa region.

About Us



Revolutionary HealthTech Solution

Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Major Healthcare leads the way in developing groundbreaking healthcare solutions that revolutionize patient care and treatment outcomes.

Empowering Healthier Communities

Our mission is to empower communities by providing access to essential healthcare services and education, promoting preventive care and improving overall health outcomes.

Quality Care, Affordable Solutions

Major Healthcare is committed to delivering high-quality care and innovative solutions at affordable prices, ensuring that healthcare remains accessible to all individuals, regardless of their financial status.


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Our Revolutionary HealthTech Solution redefines healthcare standards, providing patients and care providers access to innovative diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Through our solution, health becomes more accessible and effective, bringing tangible benefits to society.